microRNA Replacement Therapy
Intellectual Property

Mirna is actively building a broad intellectual property (IP) estate covering structure, composition of matter and methods of use for numerous microRNA mimics that inhibit multiple oncogenes and cancer pathways, as well as tumor immune evasion.

We own or in-license a portfolio of patents and patent applications that protects various aspects of our business. The patents and patent applications that make up our patent portfolio are primarily focused on various aspects of microRNA therapeutics, including various microRNA mimics, such as our lead product candidate MRX34, and therapeutic methods of use of microRNAs, including MRX34. We own or in-licensed at least 10 issued U.S. patents and at least 42 pending U.S. and foreign applications.

Mirna has an exclusive license to the use of a proprietary liposomal delivery technology, SMARTICLES®, for miR-34, the active pharmaceutical ingredient in MRX34, let-7 and other microRNA mimics in the pipeline.
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